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A move back to my website

Recently I have redesigned my website¬†and with that I have restarted my blog on that website, now that it is using a WordPress theme. With that I welcome you back to checking out that site for blog updates. Unfortunately, I can’t move any of these posts over there, due to a strange thing that happens to old posts when they are transferred. I hope to get back on the blog posting wagon, but it shall be a tough two weeks to be doing that since they will be plenty busy.

I wanted to show everyone a shot from an Old Main roof photo shoot that I did last Friday. It was really fun and I also suggest checking out the timelapse that I shot along with it (previous link). I will talk more in detail about it on a blog post on my website later today.



First Year Preceptorial


Yesterday I covered the beginning of first year preceptorial (FP). The class starts with a lecture in Harbach Theatre, and is the largest class that any Knox student will see, since it includes all of their classmates in one room. Before the lecture, I set up a remote camera behind the speaker, Brandon Polite, and remotely triggered it throughout the lecture, hoping for a shot.

I was so happy to get this photo, and this is the start of many more uses for remotely firing a camera during an event. This is an angle often unseen or unnoticed and provides a dynamic and heroic excitement to an event that often gets classified as a “talking head” shoot.

Let me know what you think.
Back to orientation week photography.

Families Bidding Adieu

As parents said farewell to their students today, it was a full of happiness and sadness from both the students and parents. I remember this same mix of emotions 5 years ago when I started at Knox and it was moving to cover this as a staff member and Knox alum.

I wish the new students the best of luck and I am excited to photograph them over the next year as they become adults and challenge themselves to learn as much as possible and explore the world around them.

Welcome class of 2016!


Calm Before the Storm

Yesterday’s game was a crazy game to say the least. One all-time NCAA record broken, rain on and off throughout the game, over 100 points scored and a broken camera. Before the game and before my main camera broke, I took time to capture the quieter moments of the team as they prepared for the game.

Let me know what you think and please go check out the Flickr Gallery of the shots from the game.

As for the following week or so, the posts will slow down a bit as my days will be filled photographing students return for Fall Term. I’ll do my best to get a few shots up here and there.

Ups and Downs in Football and Photography

Today I covered the inaugural Lincoln Bowl at Knox College against Eureka College. While it was an exciting game that lead to a final score of 62-55, it was a day of frustration not only for the team, but for me as well. Knox College eventually lost the game after leading or being tied with Eureka for most of the game. This was very frustrating for many of the players who hoped to start the season on the right foot.

As for my frustration, right before the game I was handed quite the curveball. My main camera the 7D decided to end its run and I was forced to use my backup camera the Xsi. This is an intro level camera body that I haven’t really used since my sophomore year of college. While this was a large problem at first, I did what I could to continue covering the game and I came away with a number of shots I am proud of. I hope you go over to the Knox College Flickr page to check out the best 25 shots I got from the game.

As per always, please let me know what you think of the shots and send a link to a friend or a family member if you think they will enjoy this post. Thank you.


Soccer Practice

The women’s soccer practice I covered yesterday, was not only a practice for the team, but a practice for me. I tried different angles and locations than I normally would take during a game. I got hooked on shooting this spot so much that I have ordered equipment to shoot this remotely during the first game on Friday and for the rest of the season.

Let me know what you think.

Football is Back

I wanted to post a few exclamation points on the end of that title.

On Friday I covered my first Friday Night Lights game (HS football) for The Galesburg Register-Mail and on Saturday I covered a scrimmage of the Knox College team and their first game is on next Saturday. First is my best shot from Friday during the Knoxville HS vs. BPCA HS. It was fun and I wish I could have stayed the whole game, but deadlines called and I couldn’t stay for very long.

Knoxville senior Cole Steele brings down the Spartans’ senior Seth Tolley on Friday, Aug. 24. John Williams/For the Register-Mail

Next is a few of my best shots from Saturday. I changed things up and shot from the top of the press box and with a 50mm at times thought the game. It gave me some nice angled and I didn’t worry too much to get action shots, and tried to work on sideline shots. While most of these are action I was trying to get comfortable walking through the team’s sideline and getting shots without players giving me weird looks. Eventually they will start to ignore me, I hope.

Next up men’s soccer soccer scrimmage today, if the weather clears up.

Let me know what you think of the shots. Thanks.