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Boycott of Tamron

The photograph shows the focusing issues common place with the lens.

Since I am a poor college student I have purchased two lenses by Tamron over the past two years. Unfortunately I have been forced to spend more money on replacing one of the lenses while also dealing with a poor repair department, and therefore I am starting a boycott of Tamron. Here is my story of the hell they have put me through and why I will never by a lens by them again and never suggest someone else get a Tamron lens.

During the winter term of last year I started to notice focusing issues with my Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. This lens was bought new in August should have maintained a working order due to the “high quality” of the lens that Tamron toted it was capable of. I didn’t drop the lens or put it through any rigorous conditions. I sent it in on March 22, 2010 with a shipping bill of $42.63. Also I payed $50.00 for a fast repair time. It was covered under warranty so there was no charge to me on the repair. I was without the lens for many days, missing many events I should have covered for my job with The Knox Student paper here at my school.

After I got the lens back I started to notice a large amount of “Err 01” messages when photographing with the lens. I called up customer support and the person on the phone said it was related to a broken or stuck aperture. So I sent it in again with a note saying the issues I had (including a lose mount). This time I paid $24.45 on shipping and once again was without the lens for many days.

When I was returned the lens I started photographing again and received the “Err 01” at the first baseball game I photographed. I quickly called up support and talked to Rick the supervisor. He told me that the “Err 01” was not looked at and the only thing that was done was a replacement of the mount. Even despite the replacement of the mount, the fitting was rather loose. So once again I sent it in to them, this time on their bill and was promised a reimbursement of the previous two shipping charges. I was not given a reimbursement of the $50.00 for a fast turn around. I thought I deserved it since the lens had been in multiple times and had not been fixed, but Tamron said no since the lens was returned in the proper time frame.

I did not get to use the lens a whole lot when it was returned since I didn’t use it over the summer. When I returned to Knox in the fall I used the lens and was given more “Err 01” messages as well as bigger issues where I would have to remove the lens and turn off the camera before using the lens again. When I called Tamron they told me they would look at it. I demanded a refund. When I sent in the lens, I also sent in the old shipping receipts hoping for the reimbursement I was promised in the spring. I was unable to send them in earlier because I do not own a scanner.

The technician at the repair center looked at the lens and I was given a call saying they would replace the lens, I stated I didn’t want to deal with the old lens or the new lens and just wanted a refund. Rick went back to the technician and I was given a low figure due to the fact the lens was used, and I demanded a higher price since they were going to give me a new lens anyway and after a while I was called back saying the fixed the problem and they were going to send my old lens back. I called up saying this was complete crap that they offered me a new lens then went back on their offer since I requested a refund instead of a new lens. They went back to the technician to talk it over.

During this whole thing I didn’t mention the receipts because I was furious and forgot about them.I was called on a Friday saying they were going to ship me back a new lens with the old tripod collar and old lens cap. I didn’t pick up this phone call since I was in class, so before I could call back the lens was in the mail to me.

The receipts I sent in the package were not reimbursed despite there being a note asking for the technician to send the receipts to Rick to get reimbursed like promised. I was not reimbursed for all the time photographing lost because this lens was in the repair shop. I was not reimbursed for the hours on the phone with Rick. I was not reimbursed for hassle of having to sell the item myself.

So I was forced to sell the lens on Amazon receiving less money than I wanted and having to wait months for it to sell this caused some amount of problems since I was unable to use the funds to purchase a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L. When sold I made $583.55 when I requested $650.00 from Tamron making it a substantial loss.

Because of this unprofessional company’s handling of broken equipment and their customers, I will no longer purchase any items from them. I implore you to also boycott Tamron so you do not have to suffer through this.

Overall I lost $183.53 or so, not including the hours and hours lost on the phone and the raised blood pressure from the frustration.


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