College Photographer. Knox Alum. Young Photojournalist.

Update and Promotion

Well I got promoted, at least thats what I think, nothing officially set in stone. My promotion moves me to part time photographer at The Galesburg Register-Mail. I work with other writers and a small photo staff including Photo Editor, Nick Adams, part time photographer, Steve Davis and web editor, Ken Exum. We will have an intern coming in soon. Liz Thomas, who is my boss at The Knox Student, will be an intern in a few weeks. Making who is boss somewhat confusing since I will be above her at The Register-Mail, but under her at TKS. Should cause for some interesting moments.

The site has some new additions. Articles, new photos, Twitter and some other minor additions will hopefully make my site more enjoyable and cause you to come back many times.

I am currently in Galesburg and will be through Christmas. This will be my first Christmas away from my family. I should hopefully survive, I certainly will be busy with a few assignments.

I haven’t produced anything award winning yet this month, so the photo I provided above is just an average shot from an assignment I did yesterday about a food drive.

*Edit* I actually will be remaining a contract photographer through the holidays and then be reassessed after. I’ll talk about it more in a future post.



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