College Photographer. Knox Alum. Young Photojournalist.


It’s Christmas and I had a nice photo assignment today. It was a candle lit church service. It was interesting. The photos may not have been award winning, but I hit a nice milestone in my photojournalism. I shot the whole assignment on Manual! I know for the professionals out there it is a bit sad it took this long and for the unknowing it doesn’t sound like that great of a deal, but it is. I will try from here out to shoot in manual, besides sports, sometimes.

At the assignment I got to see the talented Kent Kriegshauser, which is always nice. We both went to work and didn’t get to talk much, but it’s still great to just see him work. Though I try my best not to steal his shots after seeing where he positions himself. Still wish he was my boss, but it’s for the best that he left.

I am still eyeing up a 24-70mm Canon. It’s seeming like too much money more I look and calculate the cost of my car payments and stuff.

Wish I could figure out a comment section on The Blog, but I don’t think iWeb can handle that, maybe someday I can see what you guys are thinking/saying. I did get the subscribe button to finally work though.

Well Merry Christmas to all and may your new year be joyous and filled with award winning photographs.


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