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Well yesterday I shot 3,600 photos at three sporting events and a show of Second City. It was great fun, I am always glad to have the camera glued to my hand. Like usual the games didn’t end up in our favor, but in my third year at Knox College I know not to expect much (sorry Knox sports teams).

For basketball I tried something new. I learned this from a YouTube video last year, but I can’t seem to find it now to link it to you. Its this wonderful trick of having the camera with a wide angle lens on the floor, and use two AA batteries to keep it propped up at the best angle while keeping the center of gravity behind the camera so it doesn’t lean forward. I thought it would be fun to try out since I have new photographers at The Knox Student who are willing to shoot sports so I am not forced to insure getting a shot and sticking to the usual.

The above photo is my best shot from this angle. It’s not perfection yet so I will do this again to try to get a better shot, but this one certainly isn’t bad.

I’ve been admiring the different remote shots people use in the NBA and big colleges and I shall at some point try to convince someone to let me attach a camera in one of those areas. I just need to get the gear to do remote photography and a decent camera, not my xsi.

I will be attending the “Becoming a Better Photographer” event in Chicago on the 30th. It’s hosted by the Chicago Tribune and it should be great. Here is a Link if you would like to go, its a bit pricy, but it should be worth it.

On the 29th of December I had the wonderful opportunity to shadow the talented Tom Lynn, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Photographer. I went with him to three events, sports and some low key assignments. Even though the assignments might of not been the most exciting, it’s still wonderful to see someone working on the boring assignments. I almost think its more important to get good shots from that, then the exciting ones where a lot of the time a good shot more or less falls in your lap.

While shadowing I had both Tom and Berford Gammon, Director of Photography at the Journal-Sentinel, look at my portfolio. Berford was wonderful in giving me tips and comments about all of my photos and also complementing me on a bunch of my stuff. Berford is also a wonderful guy all around, one friendly guy. Tom’s critique also was great in seeing where I need to go from here. He stated that I lack much project experience, so I will try to find some projects to undertake. Hopefully this term in my Jour 272 class I will work on a project about the public works department, focusing on snow removal. In the class I will work on all aspects of journalism including writing, photography, video, audio, and social media like blogs and Twitter.

Well thats all for now. As the ever talented Joe McNally says ‘More tk…’


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