College Photographer. Knox Alum. Young Photojournalist.

Wonderful Chicago Tribune

Well today was wonderful. 7 hours of driving, 5 hours of learning, but boy was it worth it. I went to the Chicago Tribune to go to the ‘Becoming A Better Photographer’ event there and spent 5 hours learning, meeting and letting my jaw hit the floor a few times.

Liz Thomas came along with me and she was equally happy with the event (besides the cost of parking).

There was three awesome Chicago Tribune staff (one technically a resident) photographers I met there. William DeShazer, Scott Strazzante and Alex Garcia.

DeShazer, an epic 29 year old photographer, talked with me and Liz for a few moments, after the informative, workshop or seminar. DeShazer focused his talk both on the work he has done already in his residency at the Tribune, but also on social media. He provided hope for my social media endeavors. He said that it started out as just family viewing his sites and I feel like thats where I am at.

Next was Strazzante, who talked about sports photography. With my passion in sports this was a great talk. I’m going to certainly work on more artistic/feature shots with sports. Also his more behind the scenes shots will most certainly be tried, watch out Knox sports teams.

Garcia, was our table photographer and the viewer of my portfolio. His presentation on street photography, was a great inspiration to street photography, which I usually stay away from.

After the talks Garcia looked at my portfolio and gave me some great advice and also some encouragement. I must start working on projects and video.

Lets see also Chris Walker spoke at the event, about shooting video. It was great to see his work and to get his mentality on shooting video. Lets see if I can put it to use in the coming weeks.

This day was excellent and I hope to keep in touch with the photographers. This will most certainly be a huge growth in my work and inspiration for my work.

Thank you Chicago Tribune, the photographers and the town of Chicago (well not the parking lot, and the $28 parking price).

The photo is from a 7th floor closet in the Tribune tower. Loved that they called it ‘Appliances.’ Thought it sounded like they are going to put out fires with toasters or something.


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