College Photographer. Knox Alum. Young Photojournalist.

Issues with WordPress

I am currently working on moving stuff over to this WordPress site. This has given me some issues and I would like to apologize for them. Currently WordPress does not allow embedding of videos or other flash driven products due to “security reasons.” This causes some issues since my last post contained two of these. The link to view these is still available, but it makes the blog look more unprofessional since I am unable to give you these products on the site.

At some point I hope to transfer this blog back to my site using the WordPress system, but this is a costly switch and as I am a poor college student, this will likely be delayed. I can do this for free by myself, but this requires some serious knowhow on HTML, which I unfortunately lack.

I hope the positives of having it here (commenting, subscribing, ease of posting, etc.) will outweigh the negatives (No flash embedding, possibilities of advertisements, etc.).

I would also like to apologize if you visit this site when I am trying out something new. Bare with me and visit back in a few hours and any issues that arise during an adjustment will be fixed.

Thanks for reading!


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