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Baseball Dilemma and Celebration

This weekend our Knox Baseball team won two exciting games, one on a walk off walk and another on a walk of balk. This comes after two losses against the same team last week by one run each game. Since the opposing team, Monmouth College, is our rival there was excitement all over the ball park on Saturday.

I have a series of photos of from one play at the plate and I cant seem to figure out which one would work the best. I hope I can get some feedback from my viewers to help me make the right decision.

Before I give you the set I felt like showing a shot from between the games, when three players were enjoying lunch in the dugout.

So now on to the photo dilemma.

Photo 1: I like the photo, but I feel like too much emphases is on the opposing catcher and since it will be going into The Knox Student, the focus on the Monmouth player is a bit distracting, I think.

Photo 2: I love how he is throwing up a #1 finger it seems, as he rolled over after tagging home safely. The dust that is being stirred up is also nice. But no Knox College faces.

Photo 3 and 4: There are two very similar shots after he popped up after sliding home. The #4 is a bit to tight on the Monmouth catcher’s body and I can’t crop less (how I shot it).

So there they are, let me know what you think looks the best, I honestly can’t decide. It’s though.

Moving on to celebratory news!

On Wednesday I was chosen by the Knox College Broadcast, Internet and Publication Board that I would be the Editor-in-Cheif for The Knox Student in the 2011-2012 school year. This came after a tight, but cordial battle with my managing editor, Sheena Leano. She put up a good fight and it was nice to have some competition for a spot that rarely has more than one applicant.

This is an exciting opportunity and challenge for next year. It will be tough to run a newspaper, but really exciting to put in place some plans that I have been unable to implement in the prior years. As next year nears, I will try to give some previews to my plans once I start working with my other editors.

Next year’s editorial board is as follows;

  • Editor-in-Chief: John Williams
  • Managing Editor: Sheena Leano
  • News Editors: Anna Meier and Charlie Gorney
  • Mosaic Editors: Katy Sutcliffe and Paige Anderson
  • Sports Editors: Jackson White and Matt McKinney
  • Discourse Editor: Matt Barry
  • Photo Editors: Carina Tran and Michelle Orr
  • Online Editor: Jason McGeeney
  • Business Manager: Kenton Tilford

This will be an exciting staff to work with next year and I am sure they will all work hard to produce another year of award winning news-product to our readers.


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