College Photographer. Knox Alum. Young Photojournalist.

Day 1 of trip to Cali

Today I started my four or five day trip to California for my summer internship. I’m not sure how much I have said on here what internship I have, so I will talk about that later. First, a few shots from day one.

Packed into my car like a sardine. Another three or four days like this. Might be three since I got through all of Iowa today.

A rest stop attendant looks for trash to pick up on Wednesday. This was shot through semi tinted glass on the right, no window on the left, metal frame in the middle.

The back side of Iowa rest stop #4. I found the keys to this back area, but I didn't use them or tell anyone, I just photographed them. I hope someone found them. More rest stop photographs to come.

So to tell you about my internship. I received an internship with the Santa Cruz Sentinel. This is an exciting opportunity for me and it brings me one step closer to my want to be a photojournalist. Right now I am driving out with my car filled to the brim with stuff and I will be starting my internship on the 9th or so and will be working all summer (10 weeks or so).

I will be working with mainly Shmuel Thaler. This is exciting because he has been at that newspaper for 3 more years than I have been alive and it shows in his work.

Thats all for now, I must get some sleep.


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