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Day 2 of trip to Cali

Driving on I-80 somewhere in Nebraska with my foot up on the dash.

So today I continued my travels out West. I have made it to Casper, WY. It took me until 12:30am to find a hotel, since the Motel 6 I was planning to stay at had no hot water and the other hotel that I had a coupon for was booked.

Room 132 is my room for the night at the Sage & Sand Motel. And yes thats the hue of the light outside of my door.

It is exciting to drive through the Rockies. Even though I almost hit a deer. It felt like Wisconsin for a moment when I stared that deer in its eyes. At least in Wisconsin I’m not going 80mph (the speed limit here is 75mph). Still I might want to live in Wyoming for the rest of my life. Beautiful land and it doesn’t smell like cow (Nebraska is mostly filled with that odor).

I decided to stay at the Sage & Sand Motel. I am excited that it has internet so I can do a blog update. It’s a strange hotel though, but it was a lot cheeper than the other places available.

Sun "setting" at Scotts Bluff. The sun doesn't actually set till 9pm here, but it was getting lower in the sky. This should get turned into a nice HDR image once I get the software.

I stopped at Scotts Bluff this afternoon and I hope to make a nice panorama and an HDR photo out of it. Here is one shot from there plus a few extra shots from today’s trip.

P.S. Tomorrow I hope to camp out somewhere in Nevada or Utah, so there might not be a post tomorrow night.


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