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Santa Cruz Summer Part 2

Hey everyone, sorry for the long time between posts. It has been hectic moving back to Galesburg and getting settled in my new position as Editor-in-Chief of The Knox Student.

I already miss the West Coast, and especially all the great people over at The Santa Cruz Sentinel. They have been wonderful coworkers and teachers, and I hope to return to work for that fine newspaper in the future. I could thank them individually here, but we might be here for days reading the list. There is no one at that newspaper that I didn’t enjoy working with, saying hi to every day, or getting yelled at by (I shall always remember to take the laptop to Watsonville and limit my slanted photos to once a year).

I am grateful for all they allowed me to do. I was able to do the most mundane assignments, like head shots, to the most exciting and most important assignments, including an airplane crash, a standoff, and professional sport events.

Most important thing from this summer was the chance to get a feeling of full-time photojournalism work. And despite the occasional 16-hour work days or stand-alone hunts that lasted many more hours than I wanted, I would have to say I am going into something I will enjoy for years to come and that’s more important than the size of the paycheck I will take home at the end of the day.

While this does sound over the top in how much I liked the internship, it really was that great.

To finish off this post, I leave you with a collection of 32 images from the second half of my internship. I don’t have captions with the photos, but please do ask if a caption is needed for a photo to better explain the situation.

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