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13th straight Bronze Turkey loss; First winless season since 1968

Knox College’s Football season ended today with a 56-27 loss to the Monmouth College Scots during their 13th straight loss for the Bronze Turkey trophy. While this has become common place, this game met more than just one more loss on a regretful season. This loss signaled the first winless season since 1968 for Knox College.

While I felt like Knox performed better this season than last season (1-9 record last season), they were unable to pull out a win despite having a more powerful offense this year. Certainly I’m not saying the defense was the main reason for the loss, but weak tackling and missed coverage did lead to a few scores today and in previous games.

I have become used to photographing losses (haven’t covered a winning football game since sophomore year), the losses this year, were clearly more heartbreaking for the members of the team than in previous years.

Here are the shots from today (plus a couple swimming shots from this morning). Let me know if any stand out, or if you have an opinion.

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Thank you.


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