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Sports Saturday Take 2

I promise to be better at uploading things now that Winter term is beginning. There are two more posts that should arrive shortly. (Wedding photos and Second City show) There will also be a best of 2012 post and constant updates from my independent study this term (The Essence of Knox: A Portrait Project).

This Saturday I shot almost 26 Gbs covering wrestling, two basketball games and Second City. While it was a long day, I enjoy photographing all day. Here are the selects from the sporting events.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Give me any opinions you might have, they are always appreciated.

For those of you who would like to know, I did some freelance work during break, but unfortunately the contracts prevent me from uploading them here (this is normal and I don’t mind a whole lot). It was great fun working for and The Lake Country Reporter. Both were wonderful, and have given me confidence that freelance work in the Milwaukee area could be a viable alternative after graduation.

Sorry to be jumping around a bit, but here is what you can expect from my independent study. I will be working on getting environmental portraits of hundreds (hopefully I have the time for hundreds, we will see) of Knox students, administrators, professors and other employees in hopes to get a sense of what makes Knox unique. I will also be collecting audio clips and video to create a final multimedia product. This excites me, because I have fallen in love with Knox over the past four years and there is something special about Knox that is sometimes difficult to quantify, but I hope to try as much as possible.


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