College Photographer. Knox Alum. Young Photojournalist.

June and July

I recently got the approval from my boss to publish some of my photos from the past two months on the job. It has been a great two months and I have become very friendly with many construction workers and staff members around campus. It will be interesting to start my first school year as staff and not student, but it should go smoothly.

If you are interested in some of the other shots I have taken this summer, I suggest checking out a piece I wrote, shot and produced for the website about the band Poets and Peasants and their journey recording their first album. Also, check out the KnoxWorks Blog and the KnoxPix page on the website. Both feature many photos of mine in addition to some from my coworkers, so check it out.

Below is my best shots from the past two months. Please check them out and let me know what you think. I welcome critiques, comments or any other bit of opinion you might have.

In addition to my work at the college I have been picking up a few assignments at the Galesburg Register-Mail and that has been keeping me on my toes with a variety of assignments. There are a few shots I have added from that work, but a majority of these shots are from my Knox College gig.

Please note, all images from my Knox College job are the property of Knox College and should not be reproduced, copied, or removed from this site without the approval of the Knox College Office of Communications. All other images in this post are the property of The Galesburg Register-Mail and should also not be reproduced, copied, or removed from this site without their approval. Thank you.


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