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Headstand for Concentration

A few days ago I was covering a cross country practice when the Head Coach Alex Moreno began to teach the students how to do a headstand to help them work on concentrating and breathing. This is only part of the numerous photos you can see over on Flickr of preseason practice. Go check out the other photos there.

Sophomore Kaity Hutchcroft does a headstand during stretches for cross country on Tuesday, Aug. 21.

Side note: So far, not that good on reaching those goals that I put forth yesterday. I have only one more like on my Facebook page, nothing more than average for views and no new subscribers. Remember to spread word of my work if you enjoy what you see. It would really help me and is easy for you to throw up a quick link to your friends on Twitter, Facebook or your own blog and you could easily win yourself a free photo.


Reaching for a Different Shot

Yesterday I ran briefly (100 yards or so) with the cross country team as they did their afternoon workout. I was aiming to get something different from what I normally get from a running shot. I’m not fully satisfied so one day I’m going to show up more ready to run to get something more interesting and better.

I really want to know what your opinion of the shot is and ways you think it can be improved. Thank you.

First Football Scrimmage

Yesterday was the first scrimmage of the season and the football team already seems pumped to get the season started. Check out this shot and let me know what you think.

More Animals at Knox

Due to a mini-competition with the University Photographers Association of America (UPAA) I took a number of animal photos last week. Here is the one I entered into the contest and I will let you know how I do. I am currently tied for second in voting. This crow was photographed flying down East Street near Post Hall.

Sorry about not posting the past few days. I was on vacation without my computer or internet. I will get back to daily posts soon.

Football Returns

The students on the football team returned today and began practice. I got the opportunity to go behind the scenes more than I have been able to in the past four years and got some shots of them getting ready for the season. From pushing themselves to do the most reps in the weight room to molding their new mouthguards.

Go over to the Knox College Flickr page and check out 35 other images from their first day on campus.

Please let me know what you think of these photos. I always enjoy comments and critiques.

Angry Squirrel

Today’s post is of Knox’s most photographed subject. The Knox squirrel. This guy was getting angry at me and started barking and flailing his tail very vigorously. It made for an interesting shot of his tail in motion, but I eventually walked away because he wasn’t going to like me sticking around for much longer and I wanted to skip the trip to the hospital for a rabies shot.

Enjoy and there likely won’t be a post tomorrow, but I will be sure to get two up on Sunday.




On Tuesday morning I was at Green Oaks for a few hours. As I was leaving I captured this shot of a Katydid on a kayak paddle. The depth of field is a lot shallower than I would have expected at f/2.8, but it really isolates the insect.