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Calm Before the Storm

Yesterday’s game was a crazy game to say the least. One all-time NCAA record broken, rain on and off throughout the game, over 100 points scored and a broken camera. Before the game and before my main camera broke, I took time to capture the quieter moments of the team as they prepared for the game.

Let me know what you think and please go check out the Flickr Gallery of the shots from the game.

As for the following week or so, the posts will slow down a bit as my days will be filled photographing students return for Fall Term. I’ll do my best to get a few shots up here and there.


Ups and Downs in Football and Photography

Today I covered the inaugural Lincoln Bowl at Knox College against Eureka College. While it was an exciting game that lead to a final score of 62-55, it was a day of frustration not only for the team, but for me as well. Knox College eventually lost the game after leading or being tied with Eureka for most of the game. This was very frustrating for many of the players who hoped to start the season on the right foot.

As for my frustration, right before the game I was handed quite the curveball. My main camera the 7D decided to end its run and I was forced to use my backup camera the Xsi. This is an intro level camera body that I haven’t really used since my sophomore year of college. While this was a large problem at first, I did what I could to continue covering the game and I came away with a number of shots I am proud of. I hope you go over to the Knox College Flickr page to check out the best 25 shots I got from the game.

As per always, please let me know what you think of the shots and send a link to a friend or a family member if you think they will enjoy this post. Thank you.


Headstand for Concentration

A few days ago I was covering a cross country practice when the Head Coach Alex Moreno began to teach the students how to do a headstand to help them work on concentrating and breathing. This is only part of the numerous photos you can see over on Flickr of preseason practice. Go check out the other photos there.

Sophomore Kaity Hutchcroft does a headstand during stretches for cross country on Tuesday, Aug. 21.

Side note: So far, not that good on reaching those goals that I put forth yesterday. I have only one more like on my Facebook page, nothing more than average for views and no new subscribers. Remember to spread word of my work if you enjoy what you see. It would really help me and is easy for you to throw up a quick link to your friends on Twitter, Facebook or your own blog and you could easily win yourself a free photo.

First Football Scrimmage

Yesterday was the first scrimmage of the season and the football team already seems pumped to get the season started. Check out this shot and let me know what you think.

Bacon the Bird

This weekend, during my mini-vacation to my family farm in east-central Illinois, we met a really friendly bird that we called Bacon. He was so friendly that he allowed me to get close up to him with my wide angle lens to snap a few shots. These are the two best shots from our short time with Bacon. I miss Bacon.



On Tuesday morning I was at Green Oaks for a few hours. As I was leaving I captured this shot of a Katydid on a kayak paddle. The depth of field is a lot shallower than I would have expected at f/2.8, but it really isolates the insect.

Old Time Photography

Yesterday I photographed a few students out at Green Oaks. While I really enjoyed the shots I got, this one photo made me want to Photoshop it as an old time photograph. It must have been the shallow depth of field as well as the relative flatness that gave me this urge.

I didn’t do a whole lot in Photoshop to make it like this. Just some calculations and an overlaying of an old paper texture to give some subtle age.

Check out the post at the KnoxWorks blog to see other photos from Tuesday morning.

Let me know what you think of this shot. Thank you.